Point out how important empathy is when creating any commercial offer for a customer


  • Post-it notes or pieces of paper in two different colors (white and orange)


Each player writes on 3 or 4 different pieces of white paper names of celebrities.
Then each player writes on 3 or 4 different pieces of orange paper names of objects or usual things.

How to play

Each player selects one white paper and one orange paper.
Then within one minute, each player has to create a slogan to sell the thing to the celebrity.

Within the next minute, each player must incorporate to the slogan a distinguishing characteristic for the celebrity and the thing must not be named.

The idea is to create a slogan based on the needs of the client and not on the description of the product, following Kotler’s approach.


Have every player read out their slogan before and after, then share ideas on how it improved.