• Silliness 100%

  • Energy 100%

  • Connection 60%


Evolution on rock, paper, scissors. Fun, easy and just the right amount of silly.

How to play

This is a classic rock-paper-scissors game, with a nice little twist of evolution.


  • All people start as eggs
  • An egg hits its head shouting egg, egg, egg, egg, …
  • When a egg meets another egg, they play rock, paper, scissors
  • The winner evolves into a chicken
  • In case of equality, they start over until there is a winner


  • A chicken makes chicken noises while flapping its wings
  • When a chicken meets another chicken, they play rock, paper, scissors
  • The winner evolves into an elephant (because it’s the next logical thing, obviously)


  • An elephant trumpets while moving its trunk
  • When an elephant meets another elephant, they play rock, paper, scissors.
  • The winner evolves into superman.


  • As Superman cannot be vanquished, he circles the group, flying with his arm in the air.

End of the game

At the end of the game, will be left

  • one egg
  • one chicken
  • one elephant
  • and many supermen


Absolutely none, except the fun it provides 🙂