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First online event ever

On May 9th 2020, we had our very first online #play14 ever. It's been in the pipe for quite some time, and now it's done. Here is my on the spot feedback


What happens at a #play14 conference ?

People look at me funny when I say that spent a weekend at a Play conference. Yes, we do laugh a lot, it is fun and there is a lot of learning to be had from play. #play14 is a conference where you "develop...


LEGO is not a game!

From the very start playing is important for our development: with dolls, building blocks and other toys we re-enact happenings, relationships and ideas. If you have ever tried to disturb children during...


Learn, bonding & improving communication with #play14

#play14 started in Luxembourg in 2014 to provide a forum for people who enjoying playing, learning and sharing. The movement has spread across Europe, with off-shoots in London, Hamburg, Beirut and Milano....