What happens at a #play14 conference ?


People look at me funny when I say that spent a weekend at a Play conference. Yes, we do laugh a lot, it is fun and there is a lot of learning to be had from play. #play14 is a conference where you "develop your facilitation skills, increase your ability to accompany change in your organization, foster your creativity and improve your capacity to innovate."

#play14 was started in Luxembourg by a group of Agile- and Scrum Coaches (think software development) and the growing fanbase is now reaching a wider audience all over Europe. This year's London event attracted a majority of agile/scrum coaches, a scattering of executive coaches (including myself), organisational /leadership development experts and a few outliers. What unites us is our work with teams and groups and the shared philosophy that play can be the best way to learn.

We kick-off the conference in an unconventional way: that is, there is no agenda until the participants contribute and build the agenda themselves.

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