Duel of knowledge


How to play

Have all participants for form two lines, facing each other. The lines should be about 1 meter apart, enough for people to have a conversation.

Each participant should have one participant to duel

The original soundtrack of the film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” should be playing to create the atmosphere of western duel

Each participant shall duel to his opponent (participant of the one line facing him/her) with the formula: “Could you tell me the most significant game/idea of yesterday session?”. Once the participant has answered, he takes the turn to duel his facing opponent with the same formula.

Once both have answered, ONLY the participants of one of the lines move a position to the right. The last one of the line will move to the beginning of his line to occupied the position of the person that was there, because he moved to the right. The participants in the other line do not move.

When each participant faces a different opponent, repeat the process of challenge the new opponent. When both have answered, repeat the process of moving the line.

The game finish when each players of a line have had a duel with all players of the other line.


Remember that the answer of each participant can change from a duel to another. In fact, as the same time participants are having duels they refresh their memory and change theirs answers.

Remember to the group that in order to have different opponents, only one line is moving.


Asking the participants about what happened during the game:

  • What did you feel during the game?
  • Was it difficult to answer the first question?
  • Have you changed your answer?
  • Do you have a complete summary of the yesterday ´s session?

Main take-aways

Participants have a complete summary of the previous day session done by themselves