Happy Salmon



You will need to provide as many Happy Salmon game sets as you need, according to the number of people you want to play with. With one set, you can play with up to 6 players.

You can play with more than one set at a time, provided you mark the cards upfront

  • by drawing a shape (circle, square, cross, …) on the back of the card with a marker
  • by sticking a colored dot sticker on the back of the cards

Pro tip You can double the number of players by buying green sets and blue sets, marking them both with the same color dots or shapes, since the back color of the cards are different.


  • Distribute one deck of cards to each player
  • Each player should have 12 cards
  • 3 Happy Salmon
  • 3 High-Five
  • 3 Pound-it
  • 3 Switcheroo
  • Explain each type of card and demonstrate the corresponding gesture with a volunteer
  • Make sure everyone understand the different gestures
  • Explain
  • We will all start at the same time
  • Start shouting the name of the card that you have and simulate the gesture
  • Find someone who has the same card
  • Pefrorm the gesture
  • Once the gesture performed, throw the card on the floor
  • Ask everyone to shuffle their deck
  • Have everyone hold their deck in front of them, faces down
  • Count 1, 2, 3 and start the game

The first person who has no more cards is the winner.

Enjoy the mess!

In this video, we had around 50 people playing at the same time. Is that a world record ?


2 minutes of playing, 20 minutes of sorting the cards.
You can actually gamify the card sorting, trying to figure out the fastest strategy, collaborating as a team.