Hello Johnny


How to play

1. Johnny

Everyone stands in a circle and everyone is named Johnny.

  1. First person to start can go to any other person and greets them:
    • Hello Johnny says the first person
    • Hello Johnny replies the person being greeted
    • Please, say hello to Johnny, Johnny says the first person while introducing a third person to the second (can point to anyone in the circle)
  2. The second person moves toward the third person
  3. The second person introduces himself/herself --> back to 1.

2. Pippa

If someone makes a mistake, they become Pippa.

  • Everyone else has to refer to them as Pippa.
    • Hello Pippa
    • Hello Johnny
    • Please, say hello to Johnny, Pippa
  • Then
    • Hello Johnny
    • Hello Pippa
    • Please, say hello to ...

3. Flomo

If someone make a mistake while being Pippa, they become Flomo

  • A Flomo can do and say anything.
    • Hey.... how is it going, dude while jumping everywhere
    • Hello Flomo
    • Please, say hello to my butt while spanking their butt
  • If someone makes a mistake because of Flomo, then Flomo becomes Johnny again, and the one who made the mistake become either Pippa or Flomo, depending on the number of mistakes they already did.


As a facilitator

  • Explain the Johnny rule at first
  • Once people start to get the hang of it, ask them to go faster
  • After a while, add the Pippa rule
  • If people are too slow or hesitate, stop them and tell them they have become Pippa
  • People should use the exact words. No approximation should be allowed.
  • Be very drastic about the rules and push people to go faster. It's funnier that way
  • Make sure your remember who is Johnny and who is Pippa
  • If you don't remember, stop the game and ask who is who
  • Once everyone is confused enough, add the Flomo rule
  • There can be as many Pippa and Flomo as possible
  • The goal of a Flomo should be to become Johnny again, so push them to do crazy things so that others make mistakes