How to play

  • Find one or two volunteers who want to be a detective (depending on the size of the group)
  • Have everyone else sit in a circle or around a large table
  • Have the detectives exit the room
  • Explain the rules to the people remaining
  • Have the detectives enter the room again
  • Detectives
    • have to guess 2 rules
    • are explained that other player, will always tell the truth, to the best of their knowledge
    • are allowed to ask anyone questions that can be answered by yes or no
    • cannot ask questions about the rules, except to the facilitator



If you read through, you will find out about the rules.
If you ever want to play that game as a detective, don't read any further.
Scroll down if you want to know the rules.

The 2 rules are

  • Participants always answer for the people on their right side
  • If a mistake is done while answering, mainly because the person being asked does not know the correct answer, everyone stands up and switch seat


  • The person who knows the correct answer should initiate the standing up, while the rest discreetly observe
  • Remember that players should always try to tell the truth, to the best of their knowledge