• Everyone stands in a circle.
  • You start by sending a clap around by turning your body toward your neighbor and clapping in their direction.
  • Try to go as fast as possible until all get good at it.
  • Gradually introduce new rules and if anyone makes a mistake, everyone puts their hands in the air and freaks out: starts running and screaming to change positions in the circle, screaming Freak out.


  • BOING put your hands in a defensive position (in front of your face, elbows and wrists together, hands in fists) and say Boing: the clap gets bounced and changes direction
  • GONG put your hands together like you are praying and squat while saying Gong with a deep voice: everyone has to do the same
  • HIGH-FIVE shout High five and everyone has to go in the middle of the circle to high five someone
  • WOOP send the clap across the circle, followed by a sliding gesture with hands (top hand slides toward the person): clap gets transferred to a person across the circle (important: make it clear by showing with the slide and looking at that person)