Brain Shock



  • Ask people to get into groups of 4 people
  • In each group, people should form a square
  • Ask for one volunteer in each group
  • The person on the right of the volunteer will have to ask simple mathematical questions, With numbers less than 100
  • 11 + 43
  • 4 * 7
  • 25 - 12
  • The person on the left of the volunteer will have to ask non invasive personal questions
  • What's your favourite color ?
  • Have you ever been to Japan ?
  • Do you have a pet ?
  • The person in front of the volunteer will do some movements and the volunteer will have to mirror the movements
  • When everyone is ready, say GO
  • Switch roles clockwise every 1 or 2 minutes


Whoever tells you that multitasking is a good think, just have them play that game and they'll understand.