• Ask people to form a circle
  • If you have more than 25 people, you might want to for 2 circles otherwise it might get a bit long, or boring for some players
  • Start the game by having everyone squatting with a knee and a fist on the floor, shouting Nippon
  • Then explain the first gesture
  • Fake a karate punch in your right neighbor's belly shouting Haï
  • The second player reapeats with his right neighbor and so forth
  • Repeat until you complete the circle
  • Then explain that at any time, someone can reverse the circle by changing the direction of the Haï, and continue
  • Then add the attack/defense gesture
  • At any moment, a player can attack someone in the circle by joining their hands in front of them, pointing at that person, shouting Hattamara
  • The person being attacked can defend him/herself by quickly putting their hands above their head, forming a kind of roof, shouting Senseï Kimono
  • The defender then decides the next move
  • At any moment, someone can dicide to do a Nippon and everybody has to follow. The same person then decide the next gesture


Players get eliminated of the game if

  • They make a mistake in the gesture and/or the words
  • They are not fast enough

At the end of the game, there will be only on person.

If you play with more than one circle, have the champion of each circle compete together in a final phase.


  • Nippon (all together)
  • Haï (choose direction)
  • Hattamara (attack)
  • Senseï Kimono (defense)

Nippon Haï Right Haï Left Hattamara Senseï Kimono