• Touch each card in the playing field one after the other in the order 1-40
  • Each team member must enter the field of play at least 1x
  • There may be only 1 person in the playing field at a time
  • A second person may enter the field only when the first person has left the playing field

Moderator ensures compliance with the rules.


  • There are 90 seconds available per game round to solve the problem
  • Allow 1 minute before the 1st game round for tactical discussion and planning,
  • After each round allow 1 minute for retrospective (what went well, what went well bad, change tactics?) and planning
  • 3-5 game rounds


  • How many cards do we touch in 90 seconds?
  • When all 40 cards have been touched, start again from 1.
  • Let the team plan all rounds beforehand and then take a second
  • Write down on the flipchart the planning for each round, at the end the two plannings compare


Each time a player breaks the rules, have the team start over from scratch.


  • What were did you observe?
  • How did you feel?
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently?


Agile works

  • Planning the performance for the next step (and only those)
  • Assess your own performance (planning)
  • Evaluate own and team performance (review)
  • Impact on the next steps (tactics / lessons learned)