Name the circle



Have all people stand up and form a circle.

How to play

Start by stating your first name and an activity you like to do, while doing a gesture that illustrate that activity.
For example "I am Cédric and I like to do yoga", while you mimic a meditation posture.
Then ask your neighbor (left or right, it doesn't really matter) to repeat what you just said, and do the same for himself.
Once this is done, move on to the next person, and so forth.
To be fair, you should be the one finishing the game by stating the names and activities of all the participants.
It's a good way for you as a facilitator to remember everyone's first name afterwards.

Take Away

Everyone will remember any other person's name without having to use name tags.
Sometimes, you will hear them refer to a person by her activity, when her name is not coming to mind.
It's a lot of fun.