1,2,3... gesture



Have people pair up and face each other.

How to play

Phase 1

  • First person counts 1
  • Second person counts 2
  • First person counts 3
  • Second person counts 1
  • First person counts 2
  • Second person counts 3
  • First person counts 1
  • And so forth…

Phase 2

Start over on the same rhythm but replace the number 1 with a gesture, like clapping your hands, jumping or touching your nose. Each pair should come up with their own gesture. It should be the same within the pair, but different among pairs.

Phase 3

Start over on the same rhythm, keep the gesture replacing the number 1, and find a different gesture to replace the number 2. Your pairs should have now two gestures, and only speak out number 3.

Phase 4

In the last phase, the pairs should replace all numbers by 3 different gestures.