• Silliness 40%

  • Energy 40%

  • Connection 40%


This game may be simple, but it is actually trickier than it seems. It is a very good game for fun, that you can use as an ice breaker, warm up or energizer.


Have people stand up in a circle.

How to play

The goal is to count to 33 as a group. However, you have to replace all numbers containing 3 or multiple of 3 by clapping your hands.

  • The first person starts counting 1
  • The second person, direct neighbor on the left or on the right, counts 2
  • The third person, instead of counting to 3, claps his/her hands
  • Next person counts 4
  • Next person counts 5
  • Next person claps
  • And so forth…

The person who makes a mistake should be the one starting over to 1. You stop when the group reaches 33 without mistake.


You can make the game even funnier by having the person who makes a mistake do something silly, like doing the walk of shame around the circle, or having everyone booing.