The online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.

What we do with Miro

In order to facilitate games online, you may need to use a digital workspace to allow players to share a playful experience with stickies, images and more.

Miro is a great tool to facilitate workshops online. At #play14, we use it to create and facilitate games. For example, we used it for our very first online event.

Many thanks to Miro

The people behind Miro were kind enough to provide #play14 with a free Education Plan, even though #play14 is not technically speaking a school or education organization. This gives us the opportunity to use Miro to facilitate our events and games onlinefor one year without bearing any cost.

#play14 being a non-profit this is very useful for us, and we are very grateful to Miro for offering us this opportunity.