Know the different kinds of feedback and know how they affect the organization


  • A small ball


  • A room with a door
  • Four volunteers


The four volunteers exit the room so that they cannot hear the instructions. They will come back in the room one by one, following the instructions of the facilitator.


The facilitator indicates to the people who remained in the room that they will be giving a different kind of feedback to each one of the persons who are outside, once they reenter the room. The goal that you indicate to the volunteers is that they need to find a golf ball that is hidden somewhere.

The facilitator invites the first volunteer to enter. He explains the goal: find the ball in three minutes.

The first one who enters receives absolute silence. No one will answer as he constantly asked questions to find the ball. Once the three minutes are over, applaud the poor volunteer, and incorporate him/her as a participant.

The second volunteer to enter receives negative feedback. The people who stayed inside the room with answer questions with things like

  • You’re not going to be able to find it
  • It will very difficult
  • This is too much for you

and so forth.

The third receives pure positive feedback. Those inside the room say things like

  • Come on, this is easy
  • You can do it
  • We’re here for you

but they do not provide any information.

The fourth to enter the room receives constructive feedback. He is the only one who usually finds the ball, since the participants guide him, either by providing positive or negative feedback. The expressions used are for example

  • That is not the right way
  • You’re doing well, you’re going to get it
  • Now, your going away


After the game, ask each of the volunteers to tell about what they felt.
Also give a chance to the other participants to express how they were feeling, especially when not helping or providing only negative feedback.


Learn how to provide useful feedback.
Feedback can be either positive or negative.
The important thing is to provide it in a benevolent manner.